Azerbaijan's Own Ancient Version of Rap Reappears




Listen to us, new Azeri generation,

The Mill [Dayirman] is moving, it's always with you.

We lead the new generation forward.

Ahead, Azeri youth!

Listen to our words,

To our thoughts, useful for the nation.

The world is spinning in anxiety,

People do not value their land, their water.

We were created out of land, and we are going back there

We get happy, we live, we cry.

It's impossible to change our lives.

Maybe if we change ourselves,

If we unite, live and not be separated.

If we forget our past once and for all,

We will cross out our future.

Happiness is waiting for us.

Work and fight for the future!

The old system has already been destroyed;

We are free in our actions now.

Come on, let's prove ourselves by our deeds. We are the children of one nation,

We are the keys to utter darkness.

Let's take out our burning hearts

And light the way to the followers.


New words, new songs, new thoughts,

Look to tomorrow, look to tomorrow!

Additional lyrics from "Leyla va Dayirman" and Dayirman's Album may be found at AZERI org. Click on AZERI LATIN then MUSIC LYRICS.


"Meykhana" is a Persian word meaning "a place where people get together to drink and talk or recite poems."

The roots in Azerbaijan can be traced back at least a milennium to the Sufi tradition. Today it is one of the most wide-spread folklore genres on the Absheron Peninsula2. Traditionally, it is an oral form of poetry which is recited spontaneously without any preparation, effort, or premeditation. At least two people are needed to perform it. It's likely that meykhana would remind Westerners of rap with the exception that in its traditional form, it was performed in total spontaneity.

Performers can choose any topic. One person creates a four or five line stanza and then the other person picks it up without missing a beat. Gifted performers can develop any subject-cars, money, women, work, contemporary events-anything. But more important than the topic itself is the ability to maintain the performance-its rhyme and rhythm. Sometimes it can go on for hours.

The language of meykhana is the language of the street. Often Russian words are mixed in with Azerbaijani. Some people think that the ability to recite meykhanas is a gift from God since it's so difficult to respond spontaneously and sustain the pattern for any length of time unless you are uniquely gifted.

There's a new trend developing these days of writing them down and performing them from memory. Such a trend is likely to make the content richer and more poignant.

It will mean that more and more, meykhana will take on much of the appearance of Western performances of rap-those highly polished critiques on society rendered by the highly developed skill of a single individual.

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